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How to play VEX3

“VEX 3” is a challenging platform game that involves quick reflexes and a bit of puzzle-solving. Here’s a basic guide on how to play “VEX 3”:

Objective: The main goal in “VEX 3” is to navigate through different levels filled with various obstacles and reach the end as quickly as possible. The game is designed with a series of complex terrains and traps that players need to overcome.


Move Left: ‘A’ or Left Arrow Key
Move Right: ‘D’ or Right Arrow Key
Jump: ‘W’ or Up Arrow Key
Crouch/Slide: ‘S’ or Down Arrow Key
Climb: You can use the jump button to hop on the side of the walls and jump again when touching the walls to perform a wall jump.


Levels/Stages: The game consists of several levels, each with its unique challenges. You’ll need to run, jump, slide, swim, and even swing from one platform to another, avoiding spikes, saws, and other deadly traps.
Checkpoints: Look for the checkpoint poles throughout the levels. Touching these will save your progress up to that point, so if you die, you’ll restart from the last checkpoint you reached.
Stars and Achievements: Collect stars in each level for extra points. The game also features various achievements, which you can try to unlock by completing specific tasks or challenges.

Learn the Obstacles: Take some time to learn how each obstacle works. Some will require you to time your movements precisely, while others may require a certain speed or momentum to pass.
Patience and Timing: Rushing through levels can often lead to mistakes. Be patient, and learn the timing of your jumps and other movements to avoid unnecessary deaths.
Explore: Sometimes there are multiple paths to reach the end, some might be easier for you depending on your playstyle. Don’t be afraid to explore different routes.
Ending: The game typically culminates in a final stage or level that may be more challenging than the others. Completing this will often result in finishing the game, though some versions of “VEX” games have additional bonus stages or content.

Remember, “VEX 3” requires a lot of trial and error, so don’t be discouraged by frequent deaths – they’re just part of the game! Each failure is an opportunity to learn and improve for your next attempt.